Jared Eliot  LbNA # 15866 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 20 2005
LocationClinton, CT
Found By butterfly
Last Found Jul 13 2007
Hike Distance?

Directions to In The Forest Box (Box #1)

Get off I95 at Exit 63 in Clinton, turn onto Glenwood across from the commuter lot. Keep driving for about one half-mile up and you will reach Ninety Rod Road on your right. Turn right to the end of the street to the side parking lot (if facing school it is the left parking lot) of Jared Eliot Middle School. Go stand at entrance of the fence facing the field. Follow the fence to the left. Walk along the woods until you see a large boulder. Look behind it to find the letterbox.
Pine Tree Letterbox Directions
1.Go to the intersection of Ninety Rod Rd. and Fairydell Rd.
2.Go to street sign that is across from Jared Eliot Middle School.
3.Go 20 steps from the street sign to the rock pillar.
4.Face the pine tree across from the rock pillar.
5.Walk 6 steps to the pine tree.
6.Look under the tree to find the Pine Tree Letterbox.
Letterbox #3
Start at the stop sign at the bottom of Cedar Hill. Then walk along the left curve on Fairy Dell Road that says, “Finish.” Go to the rocks that are almost connected straight across from the curve. In the front of the rocks there is an opening. In between the rocks is where the letterbox is located.
Letter Box Number f#4 Flag find
Fairy dell Rd,Jared Eliot Middle School Clinton,CT 06413
1. Walk to the bike rack.
2. Go to the flag pole.
3. Find the separation in the bush.
4. Walk into bush.
5. Turn right.
6. Look under the bush.