Biker Chicks: Daisy Dreamer  LbNA # 15868 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 17 2005
LocationLaGrange Park, IL
Planted ByKookaburra and CMoon    
Found By With a cherry on top
Last Found Nov 12 2006
Hike Distance?

This box is planted on the Salt Creek Bike Trail system, and as such is a member of the Biker Chick Series placed by letterboxing members and friends of Girl Scouts of Whispering Oaks Council. (No official affiliation with the council other than a bunch of us who happen to belong to it and enjoy letterboxing!)

This box is accessible by hike or bike and is about 1.5 miles round trip. It is located on the Salt Creek Bike Trail between Wolf Road and Brainard Ave. Parking is available at Bemis Woods, Ogden Ave entrance or on Brainard in LaGrange Park.


Daisy Dreamer is one of the youngest of the Biker Chicks. She hikes all day in the woods and always looks preoccupied. What could a young chick like her be thinking about so persistently?

I first met Daisy Dreamer earlier this spring as I was taking shelter from a brief spring rain. I entered the stone shelter and rested while waiting for the rain to clear. I looked out from the shelter across the bike trail and noticed a small chick, taking a rest, eyes closed, just a few steps into the woods and to the right of the dirt trail. The light rain stirred her and she rushed across the trail and into the shelter with me.

“Hello little chick”, I said to her.
“Hewwo, its weally waining out today! My name is Daisy, Daisy Dweamer. I just had a gweat dweam, it was a wheel dweam. A wheel dweam for a weal hiker. You’re a hiker too, wight?”
“Yes I am Daisy, I love to hike the woods.”
“I wuv the woods, but I don’t wuv the hike so much. That’s why I like my day dweaming spot over there. You can borrow it if you want. It gives the best wheel day dweams".
“Daisy Dreamer, I am sure your old enough by now to know that there are no such things as REAL day dreams”.
“Oh, but this one was a wheel dweam, it weally was!”. Go lay your head on the little wock over there where I was westing a wittle while ago and see for yourself. I am sure you will have a wheel day dweam too.”

Bring your own ink, Daisy likes all colors.

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