Placed DateJun 18 2005
LocationIngleside/Volo, IL
Planted ByHowling Coyote    
Found By Apt. Dwellers
Last Found Oct 19 2009
Hike Distance?

I no longer live in Illinois, and this box needs a new logbook. I would greatly appreciate if someone could place a new tiny logbook or extra paper in the box for me! Thanks!

The Lake County Astronomical Society (LCAS) holds their meetings the third Friday night of every month at the Volo Bog State Natural Area. The public is welcome, and they start with a brief business meeting followed by an astronomy program that starts at 8:30pm, and telescope viewing if the skies are clear.

From the parking lot, walk up the paved walkway toward the Volo Bog's Visitor Center, which is housed in a converted dairy barn built in the early 1900's. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, the center is only open limited hours now, but be sure to have a look around inside if they are open!
Follow the paved walkway to the left of the Visitor Center (left at the fork in the walkway where the public phone sits.)
Continue to the signs where the trails start. You will be taking the Tamarack View trail, which is the trail furthest to the right. Standing next to the Tamarack View Trail sign, take 89 steps down the trail and stop. Your box is to the right, tucked into the narrow (top) end of a fallen tree, right next to a newer, younger tree growing there.
If you have the time, definitely continue on to complete the 2.75 mile trail loop, hiking is easy, ane the views of the bog, the meadows, and the stands of oak are magnificent.

Sorry, pets are not allowed on the bog trails due to the sensitive natural areas.

To find out more about LCAS:

To find out more about the Volo Bog:

This is a small box, no ink.
Recommended colors: Dark blue or black

Please email me at to let me know the condition of the box and what you think.

Happy letterboxing!
Howling Coyote