Robin Detective Girls  LbNA # 15912

OwnerThe Aroostook Sleuth    
Placed DateJun 13 2005
LocationApollo, PA
Found By Quest Master
Last Found Jun 1 2009
Hike Distance?

Robin Detective Girls Letterbox
(#1 of 6 in the Childhood Adventure Club series placed by The Aroostook Sleuth and Little Tag-a-long)

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Moderate
Time: 45 min. - 1 1/2 hour
Stamp: Handcarved

UPDATE: 9/20/10: IT HAS BEEN REPORTED THAT THE ENTRANCE TO THESE WOODS HAS NO TRESPASSING SIGNS UP. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS OF GETTIG DOWN TO BEAVER RUN. IF YOU ARE A LOCAL OR HAVE GPS YOU MIGHT FIND AN ALTERNATE APPROACH. SINCE WE LIVE OUT OF STATE WE ARE UNABLE AT THIS TIME TO GIVE ACCURATE DIRECTIONS FROM A DIFFERENT STARTING POINT. ANY CHANGES WILL BE UPDATED AND REPORTED TO THIS SITE. NOTE THAT THIS ALSO AFFECTS THE STAR TREK SPY CLUB BOX IN THIS SERIES AS WELL. Want to give it a try: Follow the directions to the Trixie Belden letterbox. Park and as the road begins to curve slightly up the hill you will see a road/path off to the left into the woods. Follow that up and down over the hill and you'll come to the stream mentioned in the original directions. Cross it and you should find the Robin Detective Girls and Star Trek Spy Club boxes by continuing to follow the directions from there. Let us know if it works.

The Robin Detective Girls (RDG) was a group of girls who loved solving mysteries and exploring the woods and streams near our homes. This box is placed in honor of this club and that spirit of adventure that lives on in all of us. This box is placed in quintessential western PA! Hope you enjoy it and the area! Please read the clues before starting out in case you need additional footwear.

At the intersection of Rt. 66 and Rt. 356 follow Rt. 66 north toward Apollo for .3 miles to Muffley Drive. (You will pass Gail's Cafe on the left and then High View Acres on the right.) Follow Muffley Drive to the end where a sign says- "Road Ends Here." Park off to the left in a small parking area.
Walk down the road. You will pass a road that splits off to the right but keep to the left following the road down the hill through the woods. When you reach the bottom of the hill the road forms a T. Follow the road to the right. This road will parallel the beautiful stream on your left named Beaver Run. A short walk on the road brings you to a spot where the road continues straight and up a steep hill or turns sharply to the left into the stream. Take the left and cross the stream. Exercise caution, of course, when crossing. Depending upon the season and weather conditions you may be able to cross steppping from rock to rock. Other times you may have to wade so be prepared with proper footwear. It isn't a very deep or wide stream. (On the placement date, most of the letterboxers crossed in their bare feet.)
On the other side of the stream the road continues straight ahead and another smaller trail turns to the right.
Take the trail to the right and walk 50 paces along the trail following the stream on your right. You should then see two trees on the left that angle out from the side of the trail at almost a 90 degree angle. Stand in the middle of these two trees with your back to the stream and walk up the slight embankment. See a tree on the left. Look behind the tree, under rocks and leaves.
PLEASE rehide carefully and well, covering with rocks, leaves, twigs, etc.

(Note: Another letterbox from the Childhood Adventure Club series is close by (Star Trek Spy Club.) Check it out.
And enjoy this absolutely lovely section of America.