Mosquito Lake Series - Beaver Trail  LbNA # 15920

OwnerThe Cats Meow    
Placed DateJun 17 2005
LocationBazetta Twp. - Cortland, OH
Found By happy hikers
Last Found Oct 23 2010
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PARK INFORMATION: In 1930's, plans were drawn up to dam the Mosquito Creek under the Federal Flood Control Act to alleviate floods on the Mahoning, Beaver and Ohio rivers. The dam would also provide domestic water supply for the city of Warren and pollution abatement as a result of the industrialized steel production along the Mahoning River. Completed in April 1944, the dam's capacity held 34 billion gallons of water covering 7,850 acres of land. In 1946. the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entered into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to manage the recreation on the lake.

Water recreation, hiking, camping and picnicking attract visitors to Mosquito Lake, one of the largest lakes in Ohio. Mature woodlands and vast marshes provide safe haven for wildlife and will delight nature enthusiasts.

DIRECTIONS: Take St. Rt. 305 West to Hogland Blackstub Road. Turn right onto Hoagland Blackstub. The campground is approximately 1/2 mile on the right. Turn into the campground and park in the visitors lot.

ITEMS NEEDED: Good walking shoes, bug spray, binoculars and camera if desired.

DIFFICULTY: This is approximately a 2 mile walk round trip. Half of the walk is on paved roads, the other half on trail. The trail is bicycle accessible.

CLUES: If you are not camping in the campground and wish to look for this box, you will need to park in the visitors lot during normal camping season. During off season you can drive back and there is a parking lot just beyond the trail. Walk towards the check in station and take the main road to the first side road to your left. Turn down that road and continue straight. Pass the road to your left and continue straight. At the next intersection, continue straight. You will come to an intersection that has yield signs. Look for the sign that indicates the boat launch ramp. Take that road. The trail is off this road to the left and is marked with a sign. Enter into the trail and note the flooded area to the left. This is from the beavers building a dam at the drain pipe. Also note the numerous trees that have benn chewed down or are in the process of being chewed. Walk the trail until you come to a bench and a post. Go to your left. Continue walking until you come to a bridge. Go up and over and contine on the trail as the marker directs. Follow the trail to the pond. Explore the area around the pond as deer, and many types of birds can be seen here. When you are finished exploring, head back on the trail to the bridge. About 10 feet before the steps, STOP!!!! Look into the woods to your left. Do you see the large tree that is down???? Head into the woods towards this tree. Go to the part of the tree that is broken. See the stump that still stands? Look inside for your treasure!!!!!

Please hide the box carefully when finished.

When we were hiding the box we found many deer tracks in this area that appeared to be a doe's and a fawn, so keep a look out! :-)

As always, happy hunting!!!!!

~The Cat's Meow~