Star Trek Spy Club  LbNA # 15958

Placed DateJun 13 2005
LocationApollo, PA
Found By Quest Master
Last Found Jun 1 2009
Hike Distance?

Star Trek Spy Club Letterbox
(#5 of 6 in the Childhood Adventure Club series placed by the Aroostook Sleuth and Little Tag-a-long)

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Moderate
Time: 45 min. - 1 1/2 hour
Stamp: Handcarved

The Star Trek Spy Club was a group of girls who loved the TV show Star Trek because of its futuristic adventures on strange planets and who loved pretending to be spys. This letterbox is in honor of that club. May the spirit of those girls live long and prosper!

This box is placed near the Robin Detective Girls Letterbox (RDGL). Follow the directions of the RDGL up to the point of crossing the stream (Beaver Run) then continue to follow the directions below.

After crossing the stream, look to the right and note the remains of a stone bridge. Walk around and on top of this structure to the edge facing the stream. Stand on a large block on the right and look down under some smaller rocks on your left. What you seek is under these rocks.

PLEASE rehide carefully and well, covering with rocks, leaves, twigs etc.

Note: Another letterbox from the Childhood Adventure Club series is close by (Robin Detective Girls).

If it is a warm day bring your swimming suits, a little further up Beaver Run is a very nice swimming hole with huge flat rocks to lay on and a natural water slide down the middle of the flat rocks. This swimming hole has been frequented and enjoyed by several generations of locals.
Directions to swimming hole: After crossing the stream continue on the path that goes straight ahead, it will eventually go up a small hill. Once you have climbed the small hill, take the first path down to the right, it will take you to the swimming hole. Enjoy!