Pink Triangled Trailbrazers  LbNA # 15959

Placed Date
LocationApollo, PA
Found By Quest Master
Last Found Apr 2 2009
Hike Distance?

Pink Triangled Trailbrazers Letterbox
(#6 of 6 in the Childhood Adventure Club series placed by the Aroostook Sleuth and Little Tag-a-long)

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Time: 15-20 minutes
Stamp: Handcarved

The Pink Triangled Trailblazers was a group of girls who loved exploring the woods and streams of Western PA. The club was modeled after the Red Spot Explorers (that I thought was called the Red Spotted Explorers, thus the Triangled part of the name; my name isn't Little Tag-a-long without reason)! This letterbox is in honor of that club and its adverturous spirit.

This box is placed near the Red Spot Explorers Letterbox (RSEL). Follow the directions of the RSEL up to the point where it says "At the top of the hill begins a narrow line of trees on the right", then follow the directions below.

Behind the first bench is a clump of four trees. On the right side of the tree furtherest to the right is a pile of rocks. What you seek is under these rocks.

PLEASE rehide carefully and well, covering with rocks, leaves, twigs etc.

(Note: Another letterbox from the Childhood Adventure Club series is close by (Red Spot Explorers).