Green Hornet Club  LbNA # 15960

Placed DateJun 13 2005
LocationApollo, PA
Last Found Jul 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Green Hornet Club Letterbox
(#4 of 6 in the Childhood Adventure Club series placed by the Aroostook Sleuth and Little Tag-a-long)

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Stamp: Handcarved

This box was replanted in a new location 11/27/05.
Directions: Off Rt. 66 near the State Police barracks turn onto Sportsman Drive and travel .2 miles. Turn left onto Larimer Trail and drive .4 miles to the bottom of the hill and park on the turn off on the right near the green metal gate. Continue on the road walking up the hill to the bend in the road. There will be a dirt road nearby off to your left (don't take it). Continue 10 feet up the road. On the bank to your right there will be two trees very close to the road (one may be dead). Standing on the road below the left most of the two trees, continue up the road for three paces. Climb the embankment on your right and walk three paces into the woods to a large pine tree. What you seek is under rocks beneath the pine.

PLEASE rehide carefully and well, covering with rocks, leaves, twigs etc. This is a very vulnerable letterbox that might be easy for people to find accidently.

Note: There is another box in the Childhood Adventure Club series (Trixie Belden) planted nearby, so you may want to find it while in the vacinity.