Bergen County Bike Path South  LbNA # 16010

Placed DateJun 22 2005
LocationRochelle Park-Paramus, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

These boxes are located along the southern part of the Bergen County Bike Path beginning in Rochelle Park at the Saddle River County Park and ending at Easton Tower on the Paramus/Fair Lawn border.

Only 1 box remains. It was checked by the placer on 4/12/09. Box #2 is safe & sound. Bring your own ink.

The distance from beginning to end is about 3 miles (6 miles round trip) but have no fear. If you do not wish to walk that far, you can move your car after finding the first box.

Box #1- Play Ball BOX IS MISSING! Unfortunately, the entire area was bulldozed following the flood. (The stamp in this box was carved and generously donated by RTRW of CT.) This box is located between Rochelle Park and Saddle Brook. Park in the lot of the Saddle River County Park in Rochelle Park . The lot is located on Railroad Avenue between Rochelle Avenue and Saddle River Road. Walk on the bike path heading North. Cross one bridge. Soon you’ll see a baseball field near a picnic area. Continue on the path. Just before the next bridge, you’ll notice a dirt path going downhill off to the right. Count 16 steps off the macadam. You’ll see a tree on your left with a log behind it right off the dirt path. Inside the log you’ll find the box. Hide it well as this is a very popular area for dirt bikes.

Box #2- Let’s Ride This box is located between Saddle Brook and Fair Lawn. (Now, if you want to go back to your car, you can drive out of the parking lot & make a right , then another right onto Saddle River Rd. You can park in the lot at the Saddle River /Otto C. Pehle Park on Saddle River Road.) If you’re continuing on the path, after finding Box #1, cross the bridge. You should see a ball field straight ahead. Turn right and follow the bike path under the Garden State Parkway. At the next intersection go right, keeping the lake to your left and the river to your right. When you reach the park, take the path that goes behind the playground. Continue through the back parking lot, past a baseball field and basketball court. Soon you will see two houses with what seem to be chicken coops on your left. Now look carefully to your right and you’ll see a big tree with a sign embedded in it. Just past that tree are two trees side by side.One tree has a nice hiding place on the bottom in the back. Be VERY discrete as the bike path gets a lot of traffic here. You might want to move off the path and sit down in the grass to stamp in. When rehiding, please replace the black bag and cover the hole with the bark.

Box #3- The Tower TEMPORARILY REMOVED. WATCH FOR NEW CLUES TO BE POSTED. Continue North on the path to the Tower. This tower has been known by several names. The historic sign on the road calls it the Red Mill, the bike path signs call it Easton Tower, and the restoration plaque refers to it as Arcola Tower. Go to the tower. Go around to the back to read the restoration plaque. The box is located in a cutout area of the cement where the center of the waterwheel touches the wall. Watch your head! Please make sure you cannot see the plastic bag and be sure to cover the bag with leaves as found.

Please hide the three boxes carefully and be discrete when stamping in.

We'd love to hear from you if you find these boxes. Please use the "Contact the Placer" feature. Thanks.