Fall'n Jewel II  LbNA # 16027 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2005
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 26 2006
Hike Distance?

** Box successfully replanted in the same area as clues below ..This is a recarve and a new design....** Adjust your count as appropriate....Named now Fallen Jewel 2**

Length: less then half a mile
Difficulty: Easy to moderate trail, not really stroller friendly though
Bring: Compass and colorful markers

This letterbox was created by Maine Kokopellian because of his love of natural water formations and waterfalls found while letterboxing & hiking. I love to find local, hidden hiking “gems” to share with others.

There are a couple means to access the trail to this letterbox “jewel”. The first is to find an “avenue of a hill crest”. When you find this path, follow to the end and park in a small open area. Upon exiting your vehicle, please note a small trail leading into the woods. Follow this trail noting some “traps” to your right as you enter.

Upon entering the woods you will note that small bike trails go left & right. DO NOT follow them. Continue straight and listen to the sounds of the woods. As you follow this trail, the rushing sounds of water should gently grow louder. The path opens more and ahead you should come across a wonderful wooden bridge. Definitely pause to enjoy the rush of the small falls below. Perhaps if you listen closely the falls will whisper the location to its “hidden jewel”.

After you cross the wooden bridge, follow the path to the left and seek a stone bench with the name “Tom Jewell”. When you find this, please sit and pause to further enjoy the view of the falls. As you sit, please note at 120 degrees a small path (there are 2 so choose wisely). Follow this trail about 33 steps to a fallen tree with a stump. Where the 2 meet, you will find this Fallen Jewel. Please re-hide well as this is a busy spot and the hill slopes slightly around the log.

You may retrace your steps and return to your vehicle. The trail system does continue on into the Fore River Sanctuary Trail. This trail network is accessible from Congress Street, and is the home of the “Mabon Series”. The clues & description for this series is listed on the letterboxing site.