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Sarah's Letterbox Hybrid  LbNA # 16028 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 22 2005
LocationRuskin, FL
Found By bucman
Last Found Jul 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Beaudette Park is part of the Hillsborough County’s many recreational complexes. There are 2 playgrounds, basket ball courts, soccer fields, a baseball field, several picnic tables under tree cover, and for indoor activities a large recreation building.
This is a strait forward cache along the edge of a county recreational park. (For you GeoCachers) You can park at N 27 42.656 W 082 25.642. It is named after our 7 year old team member who wanted a cache named after her. Besides swapping toys at GeoCaches, she also likes letterboxing so we decided that her cache should be a letterbox hybrid. (This cache is co-listed on

To get to this cache, from the Ruskin area, park in the parking lot which is off 6 St. SE, just south of SR674 (College Ave). Walk west-southwest along the tree line. The park is divided by a (north south)tree line with picnic tables. Just past this treeline is a concrete walking path circling the back field. When you are past the north south tree line and just a step or two from being equal to the walking path stop and face north. You will see a large australian pine behind a pile of debris. The cache is on the western side of this pine, behind a vine, and under spanish moss.

I chose an area along the edge of the park where you can get out of sight to retrieve the cache, but still be able to see the playground to watch the little ones.

The cache has all the normal little trinkets plus the letterbox stamp and a stamp pad. The stamp pad has black ink, so if you want to add some color to the log book bring your own stamp pad with another color.

For anyone not familiar with Letterboxing there is a log in the box for you to sign and stamp (with your stamp), then you stamp your own log or paper (with stamp that is in the box). If you do not have your own stamp, then stickers or handrawn artwork is acceptable. DO NOT TAKE STAMP OR STAMP PAD WITH YOU; THEY ARE NOT TRADE ITEMS !!!

If you are not familiar with GeoCaching the other trinkets in the box are for trading (the little geocachers love this part). The intent is to trade items, one for one (or - two for two as my daughter likes to do)