Mousing in Laidlaw Park  LbNA # 1603 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 13 2001
LocationCoventry, CT
Found By enjoinder
Last Found Nov 28 2009
Hike Distance?

Rated easy 10-15 minutes

planted 9/13/01 by Leader of the Pack

Dedicated to the boys in Den 4 pack 65 of Coventry. Have Fun

Take Rte 44 from the junction of 31 head east. Turn left on North River Road. At the Y bear left on Goose Lane to stop. Turn right past a farm, the brick school, then a park is on your right. Enter the park and pass the fire house.

To find this letterbox, drive in the drive slowly at the point when you can see the fields come in to view. Note a trail out the right side, the grass all mown. (240 degrees) This is before the driveway splits in three. Park the car and go back to the trail head. There are tree pieces and a stonewall there too. I saw a small bunny and other woodland creatures so no doubt this is the place to start mousing. Enter the path and take a right on a bike trail at the next intersection take a left see the stonewall on your left and a house in the distance to your right. Walk until you come to the corner of the wall at 120 degrees take 21 paces (count left foot) along the wall to your box. Stamp in secretly and rehide exactley as it was, so others may enjoy the search. When you are done Mousing you can either go back the way you came or hop over the wall and return to the trail there.
Good Luck