Worldwide Maine- Paris  LbNA # 16030 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2005
LocationParis, ME
Found By Aili & Bruce
Last Found Nov 19 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJul 26 2017

This city is home to the worlds largest rotary, the Arc de Triomphe, commissioned by Napolean, this historic site marks the junction of 12 different venues.

Going east on 117 take the second of two turn offs for the same Brett Hill Road (a loop road). Proceed about a third of a mile. Where the paved road takes a hard right turn, a dirt road continues straight. Park at that intersection and walk up the dirt road. Up the hill a ways you will see a crossroads with a small yellow direction signs (for the benefit of the many ATF user out there) on your right hand side. If you would like a small hike and some fresh air turn left towards the silver bullet trailers and follow the main trail up Singepole Mountain (obtain further directions elsewhere if this is your intent). Otherwise turn around at the sign post and take 50 steps down the path, in the direction that you came. Turn to the right. You should see the crumbling remains of a stone wall behind a mound of earth. In front of the wall is a collection of about three large stones, roughly 20 feet back from the rode. In the hollow you will find your prize.