Glass Factory  LbNA # 1604

Placed DateSep 13 2001
LocationCoventry, CT
Found By Bomar Bunch
Last Found Mar 30 2013
Hike Distance?

Rated Easy : walkup

Planted 9/13/01 by Leader of the Pack

For: Den 4 of Pack 65 Coventry and all others who come

At the junction of Rte 44 and North River Road park near the red barn which was at one time a plant research farm, for the University of Connecticut. The greenhouse is gone and the building will become the Ct. Glass Muesam. Diagonally across the street the glass blowers house still stands. Here is the location of the Coventry Glass works. A historic location and any antique dealer will tell you of very valuable green glass bottles blown by hand on the end of a pipe many years ago. A deep indent in the bottom of the bottle marked where the pipe had been attached during the blowing stage this part is called the pontal. Coventry glass was a deep green. Local residents still may uncover bits of " slag" or waste glass when digging in their yards. When the Muesam opens come to learn more about Coventry Glass.
To find the Coventry Glass Letterbox leave your car and walk toward the river on the mowed access area. ( This is public access to the river ,a popular fishing spot ).just before the river note a large grapevine entwined in the trees on the left. Also to the left you can see into a small clearing beyond the weedy edge of the tree line. Pass through the weeds before the grapevine and into the clearing. Here in the clearing find the tree with 4 trunks coming from the base. Behind this tree covered with river rock is your letterbox. Please stamp privately and rehide the box as you found it. Be sure the cover is tight and the rock on top to keep the weather out. Congratulations on your find. Have Fun and Be Safe.