Jekyll Dv(ga)si  LbNA # 16042

Placed DateJun 23 2005
LocationBrunswick, GA
Found By TravelLarge
Last Found Apr 10 2015
Hike Distance?

Dv(ga)si is the Cherokee word for "turtle." Barrier islands, such as Jekyll, are important nesting areas for a number of species of sea turtles, as well as land turtles and tortises. The road to the island is a busy turtle crossing in May-July, so be on the watch during those months. Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on the beaches at the south end of the island. Here is where you'll start your search.

Go to the island's southern most picnic area (St. Andrews), very popular with fishermen and those who pull seining nets. Wild dolphin follow these nets snatching fish and brushing by swimmers near the shore. Hundreds of wading birds stalk the shallows here, too.

You will find a well worn footpath through the brush near the first set of parking spaces. Just over the rise is a "Tarzan" swing. Great fun for kids of all ages! Just beyond that, the trail continues into the forest. Bear north when you reach the marsh and continue along the main path beside the creek. Eventually the trail will empty onto the marsh flats near the beach with views of passing shrimp boats and stands of spartina grass. Bear 250 degrees on the trail to come behind the skeleton of an ancient live oak, split in half by a storm. Find the junction on this broken section that once joined the living trunk. The box is inside the rotted crevice coverd by a sheet of bark. After stamping, continue SW on the trail until you reach the picnic area beside the beach. The best fishing and seining will be found during the retreating tide.

!Bonus! A piggy-back stamp is included in this box. 9 yo niece "Rosey" carved her first stamp during our vacation and calls it PBJ (pink bubbly jellyfish). She hopes you don't find one in the water while you're swimming.

Bug spray and suncreen recommended during warm months. $3 day-toll to drive onto the island.