Red Bird & Skungamaug River  LbNA # 1606 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 29 2003
LocationCoventry, CT
Found By Rock Island
Last Found Sep 12 2011
Hike Distance?

These boxes were checked in October 2005 by the Mansfield Maintenance Crew. The field was being enlarged and one of the original hiding places was exposed. Both boxes are fine.

In Coventry take Rte 31 from Rte 44 going south. turn onto South River road. Follow as it wanders along the river past Hickory Ridge Tree Farm and to the end and stop. Turn left and cross the river on Seagraves road. Stop and pull off by a yellow gate at Truman's meadow. This was once farmland and is now state owned field. It is used by a model airplane club please don't disturb the runway or any of their markings.

To find the boxes enter next to the yellow gate and followthe dirt road down toward the meadow when the road bends, stay straight to the frequency control bench.

To find the Skungamaug River box. From a frequency control board for planes take a compass bearing of 280 degrees to a Cedar tree. Your river box is hidden here hopefully above the flood plain. Stamp quietly and rehide exactly. If you come here when the plane club is here some members know the cub scouts were having a scavenger hunt here as I told them that. So you could continue in that line by informing them you are checking on the cubs hunt.

To find Red Bird, take a compass bearing of 90 degrees from the frequency control bench to another Cedar Tree. You will have to bushwhack to this tree. Your prize awaits behind this tree.

For you Coventry Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts I hope you enjoy these boxes! From Leader of the Pack with help from Lixo and Topper