Bird House  LbNA # 16065 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Wolf Family      
Placed DateJun 25 2005
LocationCharlotte, NC
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Dec 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Bird House

DIRECTIONS: McDowell Nature Preserve is at 15222 York Rd on Lake Wylie. There is a $3 entrance fee (per car) for residents and $5 for non-residents. See details at

or do a google search on "Mecklenburg County Parks" to get the website. Then select Nature Preserves and McDowell. There is a trail map you can download. The park also offers camping, fishing, nature center, and boat docks, and it near Carowinds Amusement Park.

HIKE: Only about a 10 minute hike. It is downhill on the way there, but uphill off the path to the box.


A Hostel is a letterbox that has hitchhikers in it. Here is how it works:
-- There is always a permanent stamp and logbook. This stamp and logbook must stay in the box.
-- There is always hitchhikers in the box (this box started with 3 so it should always have at least three)
-- You can take a hitchhiker ONLY if you bring a hitchhiker to replace it. You can exchange as many hitchhikers as you wish
-- Stamp your log book with the permanent stamp and stamp the permanent logbook with your stamp
-- You may stamp the hitchhikers in your logbook (you did find them after all), but only stamp your stamp in the hitchhiker log if you take it (the baby birds are meant to fly away from home-- the logbooks are small and shouldn't be filled up in one location)
-- Stamp any hitchhikers that you leave in the permanent logbook (Mommy bird needs to keep track of all her babies).
-- Stamp the permanent stamp in the hitchhikers that you leave (everyone with a hitchhiker wants to track the box that they were left at)
-- Do NOT stamp hitchhikers in hitchhikers
Bring ink and pen

Drive pass the first right turn to the Nature Center and take the second right turn (it is immediately pass the Nature Center turn). You will drive pass the Shady Hollow Trail and the Cove Trail and then reach the parking area. Walk back to the Cove Trail that you just passed and take that. Pass a large rotted stump on your right. You'll see another Cove Trail sign on your right and then a post just before the path heads down toward the lake. Continue following the path with the lake on your left. You will see two deep run off ruts to your right. Then, just before the path takes a sharp left (to the west) there is downed tree directly ahead running east. Follow this tree up the hill (or walk on the tree up the hill if your balance is good) until it ends. On your right you will see two trees kissing. There you will see the bird house. Unclip the latch under the log at the base of the tree.