The Great Swimming Hole Caper - Big Max  LbNA # 16097

Placed DateJun 26 2005
LocationTrenton Falls, NY
Planted ByLock Wench    
Found By The Breakfast Club
Last Found Jul 23 2016
Hike Distance?

The placement of this box was born from a conversation with Paul in SF...who waxed nostalgic about a childhood swimming hole on the West Canada Creek. All he could remember is that it looked much like the famous Potholes on Moss Island (see my Moss Island box)at Little Falls, and that he had to drive down a farm road to get there. LisaScenic and I figured we were up to the challenge of finding this swimming hole.

I decided it could be located here at Trenton Falls, which is actually right on the border of Herkimer County, but alas the scenic hiking trail is closed until October. No matter. The area is still beautiful and the lower area (Morgan Mill Dam) is excellent for wading and inner tubing down the calmer waters. For pictures and more info, see here:

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Map of
Trenton Falls

To find "Big Max," take Route 12 north out of Utica (Thruway exit #31.) Pass the Route 8 junction and continue north. When you reach the Mapledale Business District (sign will be on your right) continue and turn right onto Route 28. Drive until you see a left hand turn for Trenton Falls Road. Take that left and stop at the stop sign..then go straight onto Trenton Falls Road. Drive north to the intersection of Dover Rd and Trenton Falls Road. Park just north of the intersection (you will see the Trenton Falls Scenic Trail sign). The gatehouse and Morgan Mill Dam are located here. The trail is 1/4 mile up the road but is closed until October. No matter, there is still a great swimming area here!

Walk back to the intersection at Dover Road and turn left. Cross the bridge here on the left side. When you reach the other side you will see a path going down the bank on the left toward some rocks and a sign. Follow this path, going past the sign and between the rocks. Don't aren't trespassing. The posted areas are further in. Walking on the woods path you will see small paths leading to the water. This is where people wade and inner tube. Walk ALMOST up to the dam and you will see a rock wall on the left side of the path. This is where the letterbox (Big Max) is hidden. Please rehide it carefully in this wall!

Now go and enjoy the water. Great fishing around here too!
If you would like to look at the gorge area further up without waiting until the trail is open in October, you can take Dover Road across the bridge you just walked over and head north. Follow this road north, then turn left. This should be Military Road/Route 113. Continue on Military Road/Route 113 heading toward Prospect. Just before reaching the town center you will see a large bridge where you can park and look over the sides. NO TRESPASSING, though. This is just a good place for a peek.