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Stars and Stripes Forever  LbNA # 1610 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 11 2001
LocationCoventry, CT
Found By The Quackers
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?

The Stars and Stripes Forever Stamp was carved on Sept. 11 2001 as a nation watched our heroes in their finest hour. We grieve for the lost and celebrate the greatness that helps us to pick up and move on. This is nothing new in America. So in Coventry follow signs to the Nathan Hale Homestead, South Street, home of our nations earliest hero. Nathan, a young school teacher, gave his life for our nation in the Revolutionary War. His family home (Museum is open from May 15 - Oct 15, 1-5 daily) is site of our Stars and Stripes Letterbox. Go To the Flag, flying proudly in the center lot. Take a bearing of 28 degrees. Look off in that direction to a Holy Grove. There in the base of a hollow tree a memory to bravery lies in wait. Camoflage your secret stamping activity by pretending to take photographs or draw as so many folks stop by to do that here. Enjoy another letterbox with a history lesson from the Leader of the Pack with help from Lixo. Rated: easy drive up. Planted 10/11/01