Got Milk?  LbNA # 1611

Placed DateMar 17 2002
LocationMansfield, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
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Here is the first of the Timeline Series in honor of the Mansfield
300 th celebration due to commence in May.

Got Milk Letterbox
Rated -Drive up
Timeline Series
Planted 3/17/02
Leader of the Pack

In Mansfield come to Stearns Rd off of Rte 32 near the junction of
Rte 31 and Mansfield Drive -in Theatre ( just north of there) .
Follow Stearns Rd. through a residential area and then woods and
drive up the hill. You come into the clearing of farmland and
buildings in the distance. Soon You come to the main barn of Mountain
Dairy perched on the edge of the road and the small gravel parking
lot for workers across the street. Turn around here and head back the
way you came. There is a telephone pole in the gravel parking lot
count three more after that one and pull off the road on the left
side to enjoy the fantastic view.( Binoculars would be great) There
is a barway ( space in a stonewall ) with a metal pipe and wire gate
and weeds all about. A large rock on the right side and several small
rocks on the left. The top three small rocks( left) hide your
letterbox. The first two pages of the journal will help you identify
the sights you can see from this vantage point. PLEASE don't
interrupt the farm family or workers as their day is long enough
already. There are around 400 cows to be milked twice a day and many
young stock to be fed. Then all the crop work of the season. You may
see Manure spreading -returning nutrients to the soil before
planting , or corn planting , hay harvest, and in the fall corn
harvest. The day here begins at 3 a.m. and ends about 6-7 p.m. The 11
generations of Stearns family members have lived and worked these
fields since 1772 and so get the honor of being my first box in the
Timeline series. Our milk is available at the Mansfield Centre
General Store we have no on farm sales. Rehide the box under the
three stones so it can't be seen. Do try to be discreet about your
activity. Have Fun and Be Safe from Leader of the Pack- 9th