A Game for Mommie Dearest  LbNA # 16117

Placed DateMay 7 2005
LocationGreenwood, SC
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Mar 11 2007
Hike Distance?

*** This box is alive and well, but has been pulled temporarily for maintenance on 4/18/06. Well, OK....they cut down the 'thing in green' and we have to find another hiding place. LOL It will be replaced ASAP but if you're traveling to the area in the meantime email me! greycrazy1@yahoo.com ***

This box is a tribute to our MommaZoe and her FAVORITE game, Scrabble! Some of the clues you could probably guess…..but what’s the fun in that?? Don’t cheat!! Get out a pencil and unscramble the letters as if you’re sitting down with us to a friendly game of words and wits. Clues are in alphabetical order on each draw, each with the number of tiles followed by the letter in CAPS. We hope you enjoy!

Your quest starts in the pretty little town of Greenwood, south-central South Carolina. Highway 25 runs straight through the middle of town, turning into Montague for part of its trip. To find this letterbox, locate the center of downtown…you’ll know you’re there because it’s the widest main street in the country! You’ll see a bank with a large clock tower. Find this as your starting point and begin driving south on 25. If you find yourself ready to buy groceries at the Winn Dixie, you’ve gone way too far…….

You reach into the bag and pull out the following letters: 2 E’s, 1 C, 1 D, 1 K, 1 R, and 1 T.

As you look at your letters, you find your first landmark and the __ __ __ __ __ __ parking lot. If these clues are already giving you a headache and you need some drugs, you’re in the right place!

You have one tile left over, and draw six more out of the bag to replace those. You choose 1 E, 1 G, 1 I, 1 N, 1 P and 1 S.

The tiles tell you to face the ‘metal igloo’ and leave the parking lot by turning left on
__ __ __ __ __ __ , leaving 1 tile left over.

As you drive slowly, you draw six more tiles to replace the last word. This time you pull out 1 B, 1 G, 1 I, 1 N, 1 P and 1 R.

You see that there is a right turn just past the hospital on __ __ __ __ __ __ Street that uses all but one letter.

You quickly draw out six letters to replace them because you feel like you’re getting close to your goal! You’re surprised to find 1 D, 1 L, 2 O’s, 1 S, and 1 U.

You’re excited to see that the tiles are soon leading you to a special place on the left that saves lives through donations of __ __ __ __ __ and platelets.

One more time! You draw out five last letters and see 1 B, 1 H, 1 K, 1 P, and 1 S.

You know you have arrived! You park your vehicle in front of the building with green shutters and search for the leafy green __ __ __ __ very near your vehicle AND both buildings you’ve just located.

Behind that living camouflage, next to the brick wall, you’ll discover the meaning of your remaining three tiles of P, K, and S.

Congratulations! You’ve played Scrabble with us! If we kept going long enough, our scores might reach 62, the number of times MommaZoe has donated platelets to save the life of someone she’s never met. She comes every week to the location we’ve taken you in the hopes of making a difference for someone else. We’ve taken a little bit of liberty from the classic game to include some tiles that show her favorite things too…we’re sure you’ll understand because somewhere in your past you have a favorite Momma figure too.  If you really want to play the game right, leave her a logbook message about that special person in your own life too.

Oh, and the hanger? It’s a joke that MommaZoe will understand, our own special Mommie Dearest— the one dearest to our hearts. Happy Mother’s Day from your kids!

NOTE: This is a very urban location. Please seek it discretely and pass it by if you can’t get it without attracting notice. The folks AT the site are aware of the box but the general public will not be of course. Please hide better than you find so that our hobby can continue.

CritterSisters Letterboxes (our second box planted together!)