Nowetah's  LbNA # 16146 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 25 2005
LocationNew Portland, ME
Found By Elphaba
Last Found Jun 24 2011
Hike Distance?

***PLEASE NOTE: September 16, 2011: Box is out of service for now. I will do maintenance and will post here when it is available.

Nowetah's is candy for the eyes, ears and psyche as well as a learning experience. It is a one-woman museum of Indian artifacts, mostly from the America's but also from around the world. Admission is free; open 7 days a week. Enter and your visit will begin with the soothing sounds of Native American music to accompany your self-guided tour.

Nowetah is aware of "her" LB (but not the location of it) and asks that you introduce yourself as a letterboxer when you visit as she would like to meet those who are interested enough to journey to her place for an LB.

In addition to being private property, the land where the museum and the LB is located is sacred, ceremonial ground. Please respect this and do not trespass other than where these clues lead you.

Turn onto Colegrove Rd off Rt 27. You will see a tree with two signs on it. One says Museum, the other says Free Admission. In front of this pine tree is a large boulder. Your reward is hidden under this boulder covered with a flat rock and some sticks. Stamp up, rehide well then proceed to the museum and meet Nowetah. You will be amazed by what she has accomplished!