Peaks Island #2: Battery Steele Conservation Area  LbNA # 16147 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2005
LocationPortland/Peaks Island, ME
Planted ByHeather    
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*** Update: This letterbox is gone - the wooden stairs have slid down the hill, the box is missing and we weren't able to replace it this summer. Perhaps in June 2008? Sorry the box isn't there, but enjoy the view! ***

Peaks Island, ME Letterbox #2
Due to the popularity of our first letterbox on Peaks Island (and because our family enjoys it!) we've placed a second box in the area. This one will require hiking or biking (10 speeds might have difficulty with the 2nd half of the journety) more into the center of island. (You could drive too, but biking is your best option.)

Planted: June 23, 2005
Posted: June 29, 2005
Missing: Winter 2005/2006
Replaced: Very soon... please stay tuned.

1. Arrive by Casco Bay ferry via Portland.
2. Walk uphill and take the first street on the right (on your left is Down Front which can serve you up some wonderful ice cream on your way back, but don't get distracted by this yet).
3. Take a left before the road turns to dirt and stay on this road. There will be a few twists and turns, but stay on it! You should see a sign labelling the road Seashore Avenue - that means you're right on track!
4. Seashore Ave will take you along the edge of Peaks and reveal some lovely rocky beaches and benches to take in the view. Also, keep your eyes open for some WWII momentos along the way.
5. About half way around the island (it might be more, it might be less) there will be a bench on your right overlookng the see & some islands.
6. Immediately after this is a 'Slow Children' sign also on your right.
7. Take a left at the road across from this sign. This road will change from paving to a dirt road.
8. Ignore the road to your right
9. Take the next road to your left towards the center of the island. It will be wooded.
10. Pass the first two tunnel entrances (they'll be on your right and may have their doors closed).
11. Enter the third tunnel entrance on your right.
12. Park your bike on the clearing on the other side.
13. *You might want to apply bug repellant before going any further.*
14. Hike up the hill to your left. It may be overgrown a bit, but there tends to be a primitive trail.
15. If you're quiet and lucky you may see a resting deer in the tall grass.
16. At the hill's plateau are two small ventilation stacks.
17. To the left of one of these stacks are some wooden stairs and beneath the top one you'll find your prize!

*Just take care, for several reasons: 1. There are some sudden drops near the edge of the hill and 2. There are bugs up there that like to bite.*

-While the area is called 'Battery Steele Conservation Area' our stamp artist accidentally left off the final 'e' on Steele. Oops! But trust me, this does not take away from the beautiful views you can see while you're up there.

-If you bring a flashlight with you (or if you don't and you're VERY adventurous) you can climb back down the hill and explore the underground structure. Listen to the echoes! Read the graffiti!

-And once you replace our letterbox go a bit further on the path and you'll come across a steep path on the right that leads to the roof of a dome that serves as a great lookout bluff. It can be scarey for those who are wary (me!) but if you're careful you should be fine.

-Once you decide to leave the area, you don't have to go back the way you came, you can: go back to Seashore Ave and continue your trek around the island - ideal if you're biking; or explore the inner island more by continuing along the dirt road. Depending on which roads you choose you may come across a few old graveyards. Once we happened across was from the mid 18th century!

-But mostly enjoy the area and PLEASE follow the rules listed on the brown Conservation Area signs that are scattered about the area.

Our family vacations on Peaks Island annually before the summer rush, so we only get to check on our boxes once a year. If you are able to drop us a line to let us know if our boxes are still intact, etc. please email me.