Tuxedo Park Letterbox  LbNA # 16149

Placed DateJul 2 2005
LocationCrete, NE
Found By Ona Journey
Last Found Sep 9 2006
Hike Distance?

The Tuxedo Park Letterbox is located in Crete, Nebraska. Crete is approximately 30 miles southwest of Lincoln on Highway 33.
If you are coming into Crete on 33 from Lincoln, the road curves and turns into Hawthorne Ave. as you come into town. Take Hawthorne Ave. to 13th Street and go right (west). Follow the sign that says "fairgrounds" and cross the railroad tracks.
Turn right on Tuxedo Road. There is a sign on the corner that says Tuxedo Park. You will cross the river on a narrow one lane bridge. Stay to the right and go past the covered livestock pens. Follow the road between the rodeo arena and ballfields. The road will curve to the left with the rodeo arena now on your left. A field is across the road on the north side. On the north side of the road across the street from the arena is a row of trees, the first one is a mulberry. This tree has three live trunks growing from the base, and one dead cut off one. The box is hidden inside the base area where the trunks converge, under slabs of bark.
Sometimes the park is busy, so please be discreet.
This is my first box placed out of state, and my second attempt at hand carving the stamp. Please contact me through the letterboxing website if you find the box.