Rail & Trail  LbNA # 16151

Placed DateJun 27 2005
LocationCarrabassett Valley, ME
Found By Robin's Nest
Last Found Apr 13 2009
Hike Distance?

PLEASE NOTE: This little box was removed, repaired and replaced in late September 2008. It's all ready to be "found" again.

Narrow gauge railroads crisscrossed the State of Maine from the 1870's till about the 1930's. There were many lines that ran in this area. Lilliputs they were called as they ran along on their two foot rails. Some of the lines nearby were the Sandy River, Eustis, Rangeley, and Bigelow RR's. If you are interested in learning more and if you can find it, read THE MAINE TWO-FOOTERS, by Linwood W. Moody, published in 1959 by Howell-North, Berkeley, CA.

I don't think anyone needs a preface to the Applachain Trail, therefore none is listed here. Find the trail head near Bigelow Station along Rt. 27. Park in the lot and enter the trail, walking along the hashmarked logs to cross the boggy area. Marking the "gate" are two huge boulders, one on each side of the trail. There is a sign straight ahead that reads APPLACHAIN TRAIL, MAINE, SECTION 8. Step off the trail at the left boulder and walk around to the back. There is a very tall tree there. Root around and you will find the Rail & Trail prize. Enjoy it...and your walk too.