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The Fool on the Hill Stamp  LbNA # 16152 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 29 2005
Location???, KY
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 5 2005
Hike Distance?

I got the inspiration for my name from the song by The Beatles, and also from an overlook that I frequent where I sit and think about the world around, but mostly below me. This overlook is located in a park, and from this overlook you can see the northern most reaches of Kentucky.

As you aproach the overlook you pass a three way intersection with another road and a parking lot. You are forced to stay right, which is more of a straight path, and you pass a shelter on your right before coming to a small parking area where there are picnic tables. Park here.

The Fool on the Hill Stamp p. 1
***This box has been pulled for maintainance. Will replace promptly***

Go to the southern most parking space in this small parking area, and take a reading of 200 degrees, and walk until you reach a trail head. Walk down this trail, looking for a tree to the right of the trail, marked with a sign which tells you the tree is used for furniture making and smoking meat. From that tree, walk ahead fifteen (15) paces (1 pace = 2 steps) where you should find two trees right next to the trail with a rock in between them. Look under that rock.

The Fool on the Hill Stamp p. 2

Remember that shelter you passed on your way into the overlook vicinity? Go to it. From the shelter, take a reading of 150 degrees (I GOT A REPORT THAT THIS READING SHOULD BE MORE LIKE 200 DEGREES BUT I HAVEN'T CHECKED IT OUT YET), and walk until you come to a small cluster of three trees. On the southwest side of the northern most tree, there is a rock at the base of a large bush. Look under the rock.

As always be sure to replace the boxes just as you found them as this park is used heavily by the public, and they like to explore all parts of it. I wouldn't put it past John Q. Public to easily stumble across one of these boxes if not properly hidden.

Thank you and have fun.