Lucia Beach  LbNA # 16183

OwnerHoosier Honey Bee    
Placed DateJul 24 2003
LocationBirch Point Beach State Park, Owls Head, ME
Found By Bird Girl
Last Found Aug 13 2009
Hike Distance?


NOTE: This letterbox was initially planted on 7-24-2003 in a different location than it resides today. I confirmed it missing on 10-15-04. On 6-25-05, I replaced the box in a different more secure location.


Known as Lucia Beach by local residents, Birch Point Beach State Park is a well-hidden jewel along midcoast Maine. This crescent shaped sand beach is nestled in a secluded cove between two rocky headlands in the Mussel Ridge Channel. It offers wonderful views of the islands in Penobscot Bay. Two Bush Island Light can be seen to the southeast and Whitehead Light is tucked closer to shore almost due south of the park. The surf is gentle here and if you can stand the cold Maine water, a quick dip is quite invigorating. But be careful, there is no lifeguard on duty. It's also a great place to launch a kayak.

The Land for Maine's Future (a $35 million bond fund approved by Maine voters in 1987) and the Bureau of Parks and Lands acquired the beach property in 1999 from the Rockland Public Library Endowment Association and Marjorie East, a Rockland philanthropist. As a result, Maine has protected a valuable resource for residents and visitors to enjoy and the library was able to build a new wing with funds from the sale.


From the intersection of Park and Main St.'s in Rockland, turn south on 73. Go 1.7 miles and you will see the first sign for Birch Point Beach State Park. Continue on for 2.5 miles. You will pass the Owl's Head Transportation Museum on your left. This is a worthwhile stop to make if you're interested in antique airplanes and automobiles. They have an extensive collection. When you reach South Thomaston, the road comes to a T. There's boat landing in front of you on the Weskeag River and another park sign indicating a left turn on Dublin Rd. Go about 1.5 miles and turn right on Ballyhac Rd. Travel less than a mile and you'll arrive at the park entrance. A left turn on a gravel road leads into the park. It's about a half mile through the woods to the parking area at Lucia Beach.


Take the short path to the beach and stop when you reach the sand. On a heading of 138 degrees, walk across the sand and up onto the smooth granite dome ahead. Carefully make your way along the headland until you reach the 4th picnic table (2nd to the last one out on the point). From the end of the table facing the forest, walk 10 paces into the woods on a heading of 90 degrees. Take the path on your right and walk 6 paces toward a large decaying tree. The path curves to your left here and in the distance you will see a large granite boulder. Take the path to it and walk around to its seaward side. A smaller granite boulder is in front of it. Lucia Beach II is wedged in the cleft between the two beneath a camoflage of sticks.

Please be discreet when you find and replace this letterbox. I suggest taking it out on the shore ledges to stamp up. The view is fabulous. You'll want to spend more than 30 min here. Beautiful place for a picnic.