Smiley  LbNA # 16194

Placed DateJul 1 2005
LocationHighlands Ranch, CO
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Jul 13 2008
Hike Distance?


-Start from Highlands Ranch Parkway and Wildcat Reserve. Go East for 2 blocks. Turn left where people work out and swim with the whale. Go 8 blocks and park your car on the left where people play soccer and tennis. Carefully cross the road (it's right on a curve). Walk past "Rover's Run", which is a great place for your dog to run off leash. Go about 300 feet until you are parallel with the second large dead tree to your left. There is a branch that has fallen just to the right of this tree. Under this branch, there is a Letterbox that will make you smile.

FYI - have been informed that undergrowth is very high right now and there are bees (09/08/05).