Mansfield Depot  LbNA # 1620

Placed DateJul 26 2001
LocationMansfield Depot, CT
Found By Nairon
Last Found Sep 20 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 20 2015

Mansfield Depot, CT Letterboxes
Tolland County
Planted on July 26, 2001 by Larry Boy, Dino Boy, Baby Brother Bear, Mama Duck and Gramma Gramma.
These are the first boxes we have planted!
Replanted 10/26/2005

From the junction of Route 32 and 44 in Mansfield, CT go west on 44 until the railroad tracks. Thompson's Store is on the left after the railroad tracks, the Depot Restaurant is on the right. (Note: The restaurant has since burned down. The caboose remains as does the large, red sign with the train picture on it)

The Feed Store
Thompson's Store, Route 44 in Mansfield Depot
Very easy, drive up
Thompson's Store is a feed and supply store and also has excellent grinders and sandwiches. The store is open Monday through Friday from 7 to 5:30 (deli closes at 5) and Saturday from 7 to 3, but we've placed the letterbox outside in case you come in the evening or on Sunday. If you are lucky you will see Larry Boy and Dino Boy's Dad! You will see two buildings, the store on the right and the grain house with loading dock on the left. Go around the left side of the loading dock and look under the wooden part just before the cement divider. Your prize is hidden behind a piece of blacktop. Stamp as secretly as possible and return as you found it!

Depot Letterbox
Short and easy, less than 1/2 hour.
Not for young children and please keep children away from the sharp drop at the train trestle!

Turn into the Depot Restaurant parking lot and park way to the back on the dirt. Here you will see the beginning of the white trail. Here bear right, bushwacking to the top of the old train tracks towards the trestle. Continue in your northerly direction until you get to the break where the train trestle starts. (Keep children away from the drop!!!) Find the geo marker !12 1935. The Depot Letterbox is three steps to your left under pieces of railroad tie. PLEASE BE SURE TO SECURE IT WELL!

Great Grape Trail
(Revised September 8th, 2002)
1 hour to 1 1/2 hour, easy terrain.
Back at the starting point, this time take the left branch to the white trail. This letterbox is found on the white trail which is hard to follow at certain spots so we have tried to give very detailed directions. Follow the white down a small hill, you will be walking with the river on your left and the tracks on your right. On the right you will see an old railroad trestle used for unloading hoppers into dump trucks. As you come to the end of the trestle you will see 3 rocks in the road to prevent vehicles from passing, continue up the hill. At the top of the hill follow the white trail as it turns left into the trees leaving the wider trail. The trail continues on through pleasant pines and other trees, paralleling a field on the right. Follow the trail as it turns right and goes back into the field.

In the field turn left and follow the edge of the field until you come to a sign post with a white wooden arrow sending you left out of the field. Head down toward a large pine tree, watching for white trail blaze on a large sumac just before the large pine. When you come out of the tree grove the trail bears left, drops down and crosses over a dirt road. Here you?ll see another wooden white marker on a post to keep you on the great grape trail on the right, up a bank back into the weeks. There is a shed to the right. At that marker walk toward the woods. You?ll see a stack of tires. Bear left and you?ll see the narrow trail go into the woods. The white trail marker is on a tree not easily seen at the edge of the woods. Watch out for the briars! Continue on through the woods following the white markers. You will come to a field on the right. Almost as soon as you see the field on the right you will see a pile of stones removed from the field by workers. Behind the pile of stones is a tree, behind the tree you will find the letterbox covered by leaves, sticks and bark. On the opposite side of the trail are the grapevines the box was named for. Stamp and rehide, then go the way you came to return to your car or continue on and enjoy the white trail. It eventually comes out in Merrow Park.