Cormorant  LbNA # 1621 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 29 2003
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By Silent Doug
Last Found Sep 18 2005
Hike Distance?

Mamma Bear and Cubs planted "Coromorant Letterbox" at Mansfield Hollow to increase canoe/kayaking boxes to 4. (Osprey, Lone Goose, Kayaking Box and Cormorant). Its an easy to find box named after an easy to find bird at Mansfield Hollow.

State: CT
County: Tolland
Town: Mansfield Center.

This little letterbox is added to the kayaking letterboxes at Mansfield Hollow state Park to bring the total number up to 4. It can only be reached by canoe or kayak. From the Boat Launch area notice the small island right in front of you. Paddle to the northwest point of the island. About 20 feet this side of that point is a small rocky cove. Disembark here. Although you are in full view of the boat launch area I believe the letterbox can still be obtained with discretion. You will see a downed driftwood log pointing up the hill to your treasure. Follow it up the small hill. Underneath scrub oak is a fire scarred log. Under this log is your treasure.