Cats By Chickamauga Creek  LbNA # 16216 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2005
LocationChattanooga, TN
Planted ByTeam Bear-Cat    
Found By Flagg
Last Found Oct 1 2007
Hike Distance?

Letterbox Hybrid Geocache near Chickamauga Creek, at Audubon Acres

Before the RR and the dams re-routed the Tennessee River and the various outlying creeks, bobcats and possibly even the Florida panther were the top of the food chain, with the black-bears as their only rivals. It has been a long time since cats of any kind (except domestic pets) have been seen roaming along the tempermental Chickamauga Creek, but there is historic documentation of them being sighted here. This cache is a nod to the bears and cats that used to be present here. There is still a lot of wildlife to see here at Audubon Acres, plus other caches and letterboxes... Park at the Visitor's Center (there's one letterbox-cache inside there!) which can be reached from Gunbarrel Road -- follow the brown signs. Acquire a trail map; there are multiple trails and several that could be used to get to this box.

Do not cross the railroad tracks; walk beyond
the visitor's center, parallel to the tracks, until you see Sawdust Hills. Go between them to a picnic area where you will see a sign noting "Outdoor Classroom" an Eagle Scout Project. Enter the woods; follow the main trail away from the tracks. Within 1/4 mile, the trail will divide; turn right and follow the trail with the orange ribbons on trees. When you see a large V-Tree, you are very close. Go another 8 paces and look behind the next adult tree on the left, less than 8'off of the trail. This is an ammo box-cache and contains the usual log sheet, rubber stamp, separate stamp-log and cat-themed items. Please leave the rubber stamp there for letterboxers, and if you want to
trade, please follow the cat theme! Enjoy the hunt!