Osprey  LbNA # 1622

Placed DateSep 2 2001
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By partyguy&horse lover
Last Found Aug 19 2007
Hike Distance?

Mamma Bear and those Teenage cubs are at it again. A new letterbox, "Osprey Letterbox" has been planted at Mansfield Hollow State Park. It was placed 09/02/01 by kayak. (But can also be reached by foot.) Located in the State of CT, Tolland County and in Mansfield Center we are adding to the already generous allotment of letterboxes in the area.

Osprey Letterbox A letterbox at Mansfield Hollow State Park that can be reached by kayak or by foot. Inspired by a breathtaking view in this part of the lake. Of an adult osprey fishing seen from kayak. No Osprey guaranteed on your visit, but I’m willing to wager that you’ll enjoy this special spot. By Kayak: Launch kayak or canoe at the Boat Launch area. Go underneath Bassett’s Bridge Road via the tubes to the right of the boat launch area. Heat SE to the opposite shore. Then travel southwards along far side of the lake towards the dam. Pass by an inlet on the left (good to explore later). Maintain southerly direction, pass beneath high-tension power lines. Pass by a second inlet on the left (also good to explore later). Straight ahead you’ll see a knoll with majestic white pines towering above a rocky shore. Pull in kayaks here and climb to the top of the knoll. At the Northernmost tip of the knoll is a large white pine. The prize is at the west side of the pine at its base. You may then pursue “Lone Goose,” “ Kayaking Letterbox” or “Cormorant” By Foot: The trail you seek is the very one where Drew Clan has planted “Trout Fishing in America”, followed by “In Watermelon Sugar” After you have stamped in the pink book hoist your packs because your walk has only just begun. The Blue Blazed trail is very clearly marked, but many unmarked trails and old logging/farm roads traverse these beautiful open woods. So pay attention at turns. This area is also used by hunters in season – another reason to be careful. The trail goes up. (While not a difficult trail it has its ups and downs) and then passes to the right of a red farmhouse and then a gray house. Continue, being careful to stay on the trail. Eventually the trail will “jog left” underneath the power lines. Some more ups and downs (or was it downs and ups?) The trail will follow the edge of a cornfield on the left and then turn right. After some more downs and ups you will find yourself climbing up the back of this beautiful knoll covered with grass and scattered with large white pines. There will be a three-sided view of the lake (location, location, location), At the Northernmost tip of this knoll is a large white pine with a surprise hidden at the west side of its base.