Picking Dandelions  LbNA # 16223

Placed DateJul 2 2005
LocationDecatur, GA
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Jun 3 2006
Hike Distance?

There's nothing like a day at the ballpark! Even better if you're watching your kids play--or pick dandelions in the outfield! :-) Medlock Park is our family's "home away from home" during ball season. It has a nice shady walking trail beside S Peachtree Creek frequented by dog owners and the younger siblings of players.

Park below the swimming pool at field # 4 (aka the Bronco Field). Walk along the fence past player positions 5 and 7, and then cross the bridge. At field #3 (aka the Pinto Field) continue past player positions 3 and 9. Just past the foul pole you'll find the opening to the path. Walking at 320 degrees, you'll come to a picnic table on the sandy bank of the creek. Enjoy a moment here, and then continue on, catching glimpses of games in progress as you go. The trail will take a short detour out toward the BIG field (aka Pony Field), but you'll quickly pick it up again at the green marker. In a short while the trail will turn away from the creek. After about 50 feet look for a side path at 120 degrees. It's a bit overgrown, but obvious. Strait ahead on the trail you'll see an old, mossy telephone-pole lying on the ground. (Careful of poison ivy!) The box is hidden beneath and behind the pole near a double-trunked ashleaf maple. Stamp up and rehide better than found. Continue on the path and you'll come out at the right field fence of the Pony field. Follow the treeline back to your car, or stay and watch an inning or two of great ball!