Paintball Paradise  LbNA # 16231 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 27 2005
LocationDonnelly, ID
Planted ByInspector Gager    
Found By
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03-30-07 This box is MIA-will be replacing this summer.

"Paintball Paradise"
Clue Difficulty: Easy- Compass Needed
Terrain Difficulty: Easy
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Pet Friendly: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes
Hand carved stamp & log book: Yes
Stamp pad/ink: No
Number of Boxes: 1

Directions: Go to Rainbow Point Campground. It can be found on the west side of the lake. Find campground space #9. From the rear of the parking area take the northern most trail 35 paces until you come to a fork in the trail. Take the western most trail 7 paces until you come to another fork in the trail. Take the northern most trail 40 paces. From here you can catch a glimpse of the lake. You should be at another fork in the trail, turn right and take 12 steps. You should see a large dead tree with 2 stumps directly underneath it. One stump will have a large hole in the center of it. Between the 2 stumps you will find the box buried under some pine needles. Beware of ants!

Please contact me should box be in bad repair or come up missing. Happy Hunting!