The Plane Spotter  LbNA # 1624 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 23 2002
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
Hike Distance?

Planted by: Leader of the Pack and Cowboy in honor of Mansfield 300 Celebration
Begin your adventure at the Mansfield Historical Society on Rte 195 in Mansfield ( formerly the town hall ) This is opposite Spring hill Rd. the Baptist Church and Altnaveigh Inn. There is parking in the rear. The trail to Bed Rugg and Inherit the Earth boxes begins here as well.
Long ago, when World War II had everyone thinking homeland defense ,Mansfield was part of the effort to protect our Nation. At the town hall a small observation tower was added to the roof and a dormitory style room was added to the attic , for those assigned the job of watching for attack by plane.
On a lonely and very dark night a young man sat through long tense hours peering into the darkness . Far over the valley below and down toward Mansfield Hollow the open expanse of sky was scanned for intruders. In his hands were cards depicting the various types of enemy aircraft for identification. The summer evening was warm and he turned and opened the rear window for a breeze to cool his watch hours. The cool breeze felt refreshing and bracing his hands on the window sill he leaned into the oncoming cool air. In a moment one of the cards slipped from his hand and slid down the roof to the off side of the building. When his watch ended a new recruit came into the tower, they passed few comments and our young volunteer headed down the narrow stairs. He passed through the dorm room and down another flight of stairs into the town hall. In the waning hours of night he slipped out the front door to retrieve his plane picture . Standing on the front steps he looked to the right, stones from a old gun powder factory leaned on the wall. He turned and walked past them and along the side of the building. On the narrow walkway he paused let his eyes adjust in the dimness and began looking for his card. Near the chimney the wall was narrow. Just over the edge of the wall he found his plane identification card.
You will find the likeness under a small stone in the same place.
Please stamp and re-hide the box discreetly so others may enjoy the adventure. As always have fun and be safe.