Population  LbNA # 1625

Placed DateJul 23 2002
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By chthiker
Last Found Aug 31 2013
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POPULATION LETTERBOX - Mansfield 300 Celebration
Planted by: Leader of the Pack and Cowboy 7-23-02
Mansfield Center ( Ponde Place) Ct. Rated Easy

In Mansfield Center which is the heart of Ponde Place all the events of time have unfolded . Village life radiates out from the the church which has stood the centuries at the side of the road . Proceed to Rte 195 Mansfield Center and park in a small lot just off the main road across from the general store. Walk up the church driveway to connect to a long sidewalk built years ago. With each stone stop and ponder a fact from our town history. Your first stone think of June 1692 there are three settlers in this remote village of Ponde Place.
Another stone and the time is 1701 all of the colonies host a population of 262,000.
Step again the year is now 1774 here in Mansfield there are the rumblings of war. There are on the census 2,443 whites , 11 blacks and 12 indians.
We move on the year of our lord is 1790 and 2,635 residents and 7 slaves call Mansfield home.
Stone steps count next the year 1810 and there 2,570 folks here. The walk this way to come to church for weddings. Dressed in finery and ready to celebrate a joyous beginning.
Step again. 1820. 2,993 people populate Mansfield, they walk along here to a Baptism. A new life dedicated to service and welcomed by the community.
Another stone , 1830 some folks are moving to the cities to work in mills our population 2,661.
Step up now it is 1840 2,276 people live here. They walk this path to an anniversary celebration at the church many years pas in the lives of prominent locals.
Square and flat lies your next stone, 1870 is the year. Disease in the city and the qulity of country life population is up once again 2,402.
Step again, 1890 all of life as it has been known in theis village is changing 1,911 are here to witness the changes.
Another step, the bell tolls, walking on somber steps toward the church to say farewell to an old friend . The year is 1900 1,827 folks call Mansfield home.
Step lively now as Mansfield has been a booming now in 1940 there are 4,557 residents.
Step past the first lamp post newly installed. The year is 1950 , cars buzz by on the road that oxen carved from the woods. There are 9,999 residents.
See the large three trunked tree to your right stop to think a moment. In 1960, 14,615 persons resided here where are we growing to?
1970 sees the population boom to 19,994 can we even imagine when it was three. They came here to make this happen. The made a community.
2000 - our closest tally year when we were counted at 20,720. A good sized town. Now several churches hear the footsteps of the people. Now many roads take people to and from their daily business. Now many tradesman and markets supply our growing needs.
Here you stand at the tree with three trunks. If you look between the wall and the tree there is a rock the size of a dinner plate. Under this rock is your Population momento. Please do not touch any rocks in the walls there are no boxes hidden there! It lies under only the one stone. Stamp up privately, re-seal tightly and return to its spot.