I-94 Traffic Crawl: Rocky Arbor (likely MIA  LbNA # 16256

OwnerM Clan    
Placed DateJul 3 2005
LocationWisconsin Dells, WI
Found By ypsitucky queen
Last Found Jul 21 2011
Hike Distance?

NOTE: The box is alive and well, but beware of poison ivy!

Rocky Arbor State Park is a small state park in the middle of the busy Wisconsin Dells vacation mecca. It's a great spot to take a break as you're cruising down I-94.

Take exit 85 and turn south onto Hwy. 12. You should notice signs for "Rocky Arbor State Park". As you enter the park, a fee is required if you don't have a state park pass. Park your vehicle in the "Picnic Area".

Enter the hiking trail next to the swingsets and continue past a Wildlife Observation Blind (nothing to see when we were there unfortunately).

Continue past the stairs leading to the Campground. After passing the stairs, you'll notice a rocky ridge on your right and a swampy creek on your left (at least we're told there's a creek in there).

Before too long, you'll enter a small clearing with a very interesting rock - it has a forest of its own. Believe us, you'll know it when you see it [http://www.zavadsky.net/david/trips/2002-rocky-arbor/?0385]. At the clearing's edge is a pile of logs. Retrace your path back down the trail 10 steps and you'll notice a broken trunk pointed straight up the hill. Search in the breaking point for your prize. The box is camouflaged, but still a pretty simple find.

Please be discreet, replace the box well, and enjoy this little park. The trail loops back around or you can follow the same path all the way back to your car.

If you're interested in hanging around the area, a few boxes are in the Reedsburg, Lake Delton, and Baraboo areas. Close by are "Mirror Lake" and "Echo Rock". Check out Sauk County in SW WI on letterboxing.org for more nearby options.

Have a safe trip on I-94 and please let us know how things went with this box.
M Clan