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**out of commission tfn!** Take Me Out To T  LbNA # 16277 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 27 2005
LocationIrvington/Indianapolis, IN
Planted Bytree huggers    
Found By Lunar Lady
Last Found Sep 26 2006
Hike Distance?

***11/06 Taking Ballgame home to dry out -- will replace***

This box is at the park named for John Ellenberger, who farmed the land when Irvington was first settled. If you want to spend the day biking or walking, enjoy the Pleasant Run Trail.

At Mile Marker 2.0 (just south of the small, west playground, by the port-o-lets) take the east fork. Just across the footbridge, follow the gravel to the left and continue past the cement foundation. As you're walking along the top of the small ridge, you'll pass 2 street lights. Beside the second light, there is a cluster of trees and small bushes. Find the tree most northeast in that bunch. Take Me Out To The Ball Game is hidden under a debris pile at the base of this tree, on its southwest side.