Texas Passport Series #1--Athens  LbNA # 16283

OwnerAdams Trails    
Placed DateJul 4 2005
LocationAthens, TX
Found By Bon Echo
Last Found Jun 9 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 26 2015

Adams Trails has graciously agreed to tend this box on behalf of the original planters, Catpawz2004.

This is the first box in a series located in Texas towns with foreign counterparts. If you can't be a world traveler, maybe you can stamp your logbook with Texas equivelents.

Athens, TX, chosen as the seat of Henderson County in 1850, was so named because it was expected to become the cultural center of the state, as was its namesake, Athens, Greece. While this may not have happened, there are plenty of attractions.

The Texas Passport #1 letterbox is located in the East Texas Arboretum, off of US 175 on Patterson Rd. It has beautiful gardens, and several well marked and maintained nature trails definitely worth exploring. Be sure to walk far enough to see Bob Mac's Crossing, a suspension bridge replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, in the middle of a nature trail! There is a $2.00 donation requested, but it is pet and kid friendly.

Directions to the box:
At the Arboretum's Visitor's center, pick up a map which also lists the interpretive stations. You will follow the Hickory Trail. Although the total distance of this trail is about a mile, your entire trip to the box and back should be about 1/4 mile. The trail is very well marked with green and white signs, as well as nature sign postings. After crossing the Cravey's Crossing bridge, proceed on the path in the direction indicated by the signs. Continue past Signpost #3. About halfway to Signpost #4, you'll come to a bench, close to a sign identifying a black hickory tree. Sit on bench. On the left side of the bench about 8 steps is a cedar tree (with no sign...) which has 3 trunks. The box is at the base of the tree on the back side. Rehide well with forest "litter".