Favorite Food  LbNA # 16293

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateJul 4 2005
LocationWellston, OH
Found By Harris family
Last Found Oct 16 2010
Hike Distance?

Lake Alma State Park
Wellston, Ohio

Difficulty: moderately easy
Terrain: Flat and then up a steep but short hill and then a meandering path on the hillside.
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

Directions: To get there, take S.R.#93 north from Wellston and turn onto S.R. #349 just outside of town. S.R. #349 will lead you a couple of miles to the dam that forms Lake Alma and to the park. After you cross the dam, the park loop road turns off to the right past the park office and the swimming beach. Continue on this road passing the second beach, the boat launch ramp and the camping area until reaching the Shady Hollow Shelter house on the left. Go to the shelter house and stand on east side of the grill on the east end of the shelter house. Take a bearing of ~ 085* and go to the faint path at the base of the hill. Go up the path passing the large boulder and on up to the tree above the boulder. From this tree go 18 steps to a 2 trunked tree on the left of the path and then another 12 steps to a 2 trunked tree on the right of the path. From there continue on the path another 16 steps and stop. Take a heading of ~ 100* and go up the hill 25 steps to a 3 trunked tree, passing a 2 trunked tree on your left as you go. Find "FAVORITE FOOD" in a black letterpouch behind the base of this 3 trunked tree under limbs, logs and leaves. Discretely retrieve the pouch and do the stamping and reseal the baggies well when done to protect the log. Replace the pouch as you found it and have a good day letterboxing. Please let me know the condition of the box by contacting the placer at LBNA if you don't mind.