rascal  LbNA # 16303

Placed DateJul 3 2005
Locationocoee, TN
Found By Beuford's Bunch
Last Found Nov 12 2005
Hike Distance?

this box has been reported as missing.i do not live in the area so can not verify.

we were on our way to the cherokee national forest to plant and ran out of time, so this little rascal found a home at the ocoee hydro power plant instead. not the best hiding location, in fact it leads a lot to be desired but the spot is a pretty one and hopefully the box will remain well hidden.

going down route 64 towards the cherokee national forest turn across from the intersection for route 314 north, this is a mile past the phillips 66 gas station. i think the town is ocoee. sorry to be so cryptic. the towns are not labeled down this way that we could see! this leads to a little picnic area and the site of the ocoee hydro power plant. i believe this is #1, but don’t quote me on that one either.

go to the picnic area on the river bank. at the parking lot with the basketball hoop see the power line in a field. walk down the gravel path towards it. just before you reach it there is a picnic table on the left. stop and sit awhile. in line with the corner of the table and grill is a large v tree. look in the v for a camouflaged box.