Dual Nature  LbNA # 16307

OwnerTreasure Finders    
Placed DateJul 4 2005
LocationIdledale, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Aug 1 2012
Hike Distance?

ALIVE & WELL PER TaiChi and ChaiTea (ATLASQUEST)-6/14/12

Walking Distance: a few yards
Incline: steep hill, but only a few feet down
Kid Friendly: If you bring them, keep a close eye on them
Dog Friendly: It could be
Time: Maybe 10 minutes

Getting There:
Coming home from Mt. Evans, we decided to take Hwy 73 Eastbound. We made our way through Idledale and past mile marker 15. As we went around a right bend, there was a big pull off with a big brown sign that said "BEAR CREEK CANYON" and stated no camping, no parking, next 3 miles. We decided to pull off here for a mini-break. Below you could see Bear Creek.

Finding the Box:
Walk over to the sign mentioned above. Stand on the right side of the sign next to the poll closest to the creek. Turn to your right and take about 7 steps (I am 5'2", so if you are tall, make those small steps). Now, turn back towards the creek... in front of you - down the hill, about 5 feet or so, you will see a grouping of rocks. There are two rocks that have straight edges on them, and those straight edges leave about a 5 inch gap between the two rocks. Between these 2 rocks is where you will find this box.

A few notes:

This is a steep area... please make sure to recover the box very good. I am sure that with the snow this winter, rocks will move, and I don't want the box to get uncovered.

I had not planned on box planting this day... I was wearing flip-flops and was able to plant this box... HOWEVER, there were a ton of red ants in the area, and they were not friendly!

Please email me with the status of this box. debbi821@yahoo.com