Watership Downs  LbNA # 1631

Placed DateFeb 3 2003
LocationCoventry, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Apr 1 2016
Hike Distance?

Watership Downs
Coventry, CT
3 Boxes Planted by F Fox
Rated Easy
From the intersection of South St & Seagraves turn onto Seagraves. Go straight
at the intersection of Talcott Hill Rd and Seagraves. You will see a sign for Creaser Park on your left. Drive in and park by the little houses.

Since I was a freshmen in high school Watership Downs has been one of my favorite books! It is about a group of rabbits who must leave their warren.

To meet some of the main characters enter the path by building 3. Turn left at 4. Follow with the rails to your left. Just before the end of the pond turn right on the trail. Continue straight at the hemlock with the red and orange war paint. At the yellow arrow look to your right. Walk to the end of wall which is in the woods and stand on the side closest to the buildings.

"Oh Hazel! This is where it comes from! I know now something very bad! Some terrible thing - coming closer and closer! He began to whimper with fear."

Count 5 paces. Hazel is hiding under a rock at your feet.

Continue back to the yellow arrow and go straight. Over one bridge but just before you go over the second bridge, on your left you will see the remains of tree broken about 15+ feet high.

"Here they were stopped by a large, heavily built rabbit - one of the Owsla. He had a curious growth of fur on the crown of his head, which gave him an odd appearance, as though he were wearing a kind of cap. This had given him his name, Thlayi, which means literally, "Furhead" or, as we might say "Bigwig."

Walk to the back side. At the base under the fallen half you will find Bigwig.

Back to the trail. Follow over the bridge. Up ahead you will meet your final rabbit, Fiver.

"Five in the litter, you know: he was the last and the smallest. You’d wonder nothing had gotten him by now. I always say a man couldn’t see him and a fox wouldn’t want him. Still I admit he seems to stay out of harms way."

The trail will lead you up a small hill. When the trail turns right, look to your left. In the tree with the hollow base find a very frightened Fiver.

Please rehide well. Don’t miss Red Bird (2 boxes), Cindy’s Swimming Hole, & Presidential Animals (3 boxes) which are all close by.