St. Simons Island Lighthouse  LbNA # 16319 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2005
LocationBrunswick, GA
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Dear Lbna
My Name is -------. I am the Lighthouse Keeper at St. Simons Island Lighthouse.
The curator of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society, the owner of the property, contacted me about a Letterbox hidden in one of the buildings.
Letterboxers are damaging the building hunting for this letterbox:
St. Simons Island Lighthouse LbNA # 16319
Placed by Can&Mile

This has to stop now.

I sent a email a week ago to the owners of this letterbox. I have not received a reply.
They do not have permission to place this here.
Since I have not received a reply, I plan on removing this box tomorrow.
More importantly, this letterbox should be archived on your site so folks do not continue hunting for it.

Thank you
Begin letterbox quest at the front entrance of the lighthouse. Follow the brick path along the left side of the keepers cottage, past the oil house until the path splits. Follow the path to the right, along the Davis House. To the right of the Davis House plaque there is an opening in the wall. In the opening there is a cinder block. The right hole of the cinder block is where the letterbox is hidden. You will have to reach very far down in the block, but don't worry, it's down there. When you replace the letterbox make sure that you return it to the bottom of the block( you may have to jiggle it around to make it fit).