Trouble Sleeping?  LbNA # 16322 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2005
LocationSmyrna, GA
Found By Flit Girl
Last Found Apr 22 2006
Hike Distance?

Trouble Sleeping?

Lots of folks have trouble sleeping. These two boxes will give you a couple of ways to solve that problem! Who has ever surfed the channels looking for an old show that will lull them to sleep? I bet millions have fallen asleep to “I Love Lucy”. And if watching t.v. isn’t your thing, how about counting sheep? Surely that will work!


Both of our insomnia cures are in Heritage Park, located at the intersection of Fontaine Road SE and Nickajack Road SE, Smyrna, GA. Park in the small lot nearest the trail. Note that pets are welcome, but under restraint. The trail is well marked, having been edged in with timber along each side. The trail begins with a bed of mulch, but turns to gravel and eventually to dirt as you journey along. Be advised that there are low spots along the trail where mud abounds. If you are seeking these boxes in the summer, you might want to use a little insect spray before you start your trip.

I Love Lucy

Follow the dirt and mulch trail until you come to a long wooden bridge. Continue along the bridge, turning to your left as you step off the bridge. After you cross the first of several small bridges, be sure to keep your eyes open for a picnic table on your left. With your back to the picnic table and the creek, look up the hill and spy an outcropping of rocks. Lucy is hiding among the rocks waiting to share a chuckle and a laugh. I’m sure you will love our Lucy, too!

Counting Sheep

Once you’ve found Lucy, travel on about 60 women-size steps after the picnic table. There will be a 2nd small bridge 24 women-size steps ahead of the spot you are trying to locate, so if you get to the bridge, you’ve gone a little too far. Be looking for a tree up on the hill which appears to be growing from a mass of stones. You may be blessed with a stone path to start your ascent to our little sheep’s hiding place. Check the rocks closely as our sheep is a tricky little fella.

After you’ve found your insomnia remedies, you may want to continue on up the trail to The Ruins letterbox, or to see some beautiful water falls, or join the Silver Comet Walking Trail or seek another Smyrna letterbox. What a list of treasures this little park holds! Enjoy them all while you are there.

Be sure to hide better than you found the boxes and keep a lookout for passersby as this is a busy trail at times. Take precautions when reaching into hidey holes. Have fun!