Chesapeake? Ohio? Nope... Washington D.C.!  LbNA # 16352 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2005
CountyDistrict of Columbia
LocationRosslyn?, DC
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Ok, this is in Washington D.C. But it is in an old city that is now part of Washington D.C. that is NOT named after George Washington. Can you guess where this area of DC is? Hint, you may think it is named after good ol' George. Yet, it was here long before he was here! Think of a king. This town was annexed to DC in 1871. After the civil war many ex-slaves settled here and made this town a prospering community. But then the great depression and the first world war brought with it a change which made this part of DC the worst slums in the area. Eventually, as the economy grew and the 2nd world war ended, it again became a booming part of DC and is today the "hip enclave for the affluent and politically inclined."

Hmmmm? Still don't know? Well, read to the end and see if another clue pops up over the Potomac River.

Ok, now that you figured out the area... don't take the 1st president's street. Instead, take what comes next. Ummm, confused? Who was the second person to "follow" him into that white house? (hint: the first to follow was Mr. Adams) You know the house: the one on Pennsylvania Ave. Actually, Goerge never really lived there because it wasn't completed by the time he left office.

Ok... so now you are on that street. Go South (as if you were coming from "M"). You'll come to an old watery highway not used much anymore; you may have to think back in time to know what I mean. Good old horse power... well, mules really.

At the "intersection" you'll head east "unlocking" four consective landmarks that are along the ol' watery highway. Be sure to stay on the path on M side of this highway. Once you "unlocked" the fourth, go a little further and look left and you'll see Goerge's "vision" permanently preserve for everyone to witness. I would think it is bronze and stone. From this "rock-solid" visionary document you will understand what George's vision was... look towards it. Walk towards it, down about four steps. Do you see that tree leaning towards his vision? Look at the base. Under a rock.

Be careful not to let anyone see you. There is a hotel behind you. Joggers on the trail. Runners on the bridge above you. There may be people enjoying the vision around you.

So... can't figure out the area of DC where this might be? Well here is another clue: One of the bridges into the area holds the "key" to the locks you have tried to unlock. That bridged is also named for the author of our national anthem. Old Glory!