Windsurfer  LbNA # 16353

OwnerNorth Shore    
Placed DateJul 7 2005
LocationPortersville/Butler, PA
Found By fantastic4
Last Found Mar 20 2010
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North Shore Letterbox at Moraine State Park

Moraine State Park is named for the deposit of soil, clay and gravel left behind by 4 major glaciers to cross this region. During the "Age of Industry" mineral resources were extensively mined in this area, thus damaging the topsoil and polluting streams. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, under the direction of Frank W. Preston and Edmund Watt Arthur, purchased the land, sealed of the unused mines and damned Muddy Creek in 1968. In 1970, the lake reached its current level and was dedicated on May 23. Today we have a beautiful recreation area for outdoor and water sport enthusiasts.

The park has several entrances, so be sure to get to the North Shore before you start your trek. To access, you must be on PA Route 422 WEST and get off at the North Shore exit. This means that if you are taking I-79 to get to 422, then you must go several miles East first, ( including crossing a bridge over Lake Arthur) and then turn around at the South Shore exit and head back west on 422. This treasure can be found in several different ways, depending on your sense of adventure, means of transportation and amount of time available. Be sure to carry bug spray and you may encounter poison ivy.You will pass many points of interest, including lakeside views, meadows, campgrounds and cabins. Be sure to look for forest creatures, especially the whitetail deer found throughout the park

**Bicyclists or long distance hikers (Approximately 6 miles round trip)- Park at the Bike Rental building and follow the bike trail. After passing through the Lakeview Beach Swimming area, you will have a short jaunt from this point on. Continue on the bike trail and follow the short walking directions.
**Short Walkers (20 minutes round trip)-Drive to the Lakeview Beach Area. Park at the first lot you will see on your left. Find the bike trail which intersects the parking lot and follow it heading west to Barber Point, windsurfing lauch area. It will be the first small parking lot on the left with a grass walkway to the beach on the right. continue with the Super Short instructions.
**Super SHort Walkers (5 minutes top)-If you have limited mobility or precious little time, drive to Barber Point and park your vehicle there. Walk down the grassy path to the "beach" area. After taking in the scenic view of boats on Lake Arthur, turn your back to the water and start back up the grass walkway along the tree line. After taking about 8 steps,look directly to the left in the trees and find a huge, old, dead, broken off tree. Brave the weeds, small hill, poison ivy and groundhog holes to get to the tree trunk. Say hello to Jake, the resident groundhog, or "whistle pig" as some locals refer to them. (Don't worry, he is well trained.Once he enters his borrow, he will stay there until you complete the mission.) **As of August 06, a large piece of the tree has fallen off near the base and there is a huge, abandoned, honeybee hive on the trunk. There is also a large snake skin along the base which would be fascinating for kids to see!!!!***The treasure lies within the base of the tree, under some flat rocks, on the lake side. Please be sure to replace the rocks so random hikers and boaters will not disturb it. Enjoy!!