Redwood faerie (MIA)  LbNA # 16361 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2005
CountyDel Norte
Locationcresent city, CA
Planted ByJerry & Nancy    
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Jul 19 2005
Hike Distance?

There is a A tiny, mischievous little girl living in the land of giants called the redwoods. She wants people to come and visit her and check out her home of beauty. if you can find her that is.

To get there you will need to be on hwy. 199. If you are coming from the grants pass direction you will need to head towards cresent city. just pass Jedidiah Smith State Park is a little spot on the right called the simpson-reed grove. stop here to find the box. If you are coming from the cresent city way the take 199 towards grants pass and the simpson-reed grove will be on your left. if you pass Jedidiah Smith State Park you have gone to far.

To find the box. At the beginning of what looks like 2 trails is a sign saying simpson-reed discovery trail. this trail is a loop trail, but you will need to take the trail to the left to find the box. along this trail are little post with signs on them telling about the area you are in. you will need to find the one called "saving the redwoods". Turn around and go back about 30ft. or 10 paces to the turn in the trail with the small tree on the corner. Right behind this tree about 10 to 15ft. is a fallen tree called a "nurse log" with a tree growing on it. in the root system of the growing tree in between the "nurse log" and growing tree is a hole where the cute little mischievous girl you are looking for is hidden. Please finish walking the trail. It is a beautiful short hike. This box has been reported as missing and will be replaced as soon as we can get back to the spot. HAPPY BOX HUNTING EVERYONE :-D

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