Another Blooming Letterbox!  LbNA # 16398 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 30 2005
LocationChattanooga, TN
Planted ByTeam Bear-Cat    
Found By DS
Last Found Nov 11 2005
Hike Distance?

Another Blooming Letterbox!

The Chattanooga Audubon Acres is a wildlife sanctuary organization that is very friendly to letterboxers and cachers! A trip here is a treat; over 5 miles of hiking trails within 10 minutes of Chattanooga's largest mall (Hamilton Place...).

Drive out Gunbarrel Road and follow the little brown signs to Audubon Acres. Park at the Visitors Center. It's probably a good idea to go inside and get the trail map. (Admission fee is on a donation basis; no cashier at the gate...)

Now set out across the tracks and follow signs to the bridge and Wonderland Trail. Swaying yet strong steel will transport you across Chickamauga Creek. Turn left and go upstream on the wandering trail about 136 paces to another smaller bridge of a different material. (If you have passed through a fallen tree, you are on the right trail...) After crossing the bridge, go 25 paces to where Grandfather Tree now leans against his walking stick. At his feet concludes your quest, but watch for nettles!

If you reach a third opportunity to cross the waters, listen for Grandfather's laughter behind you, and reverse your course!

(The stamp is neither hand-carved nor commercial... colleagues have a laser cutting device and wanted to experiment with it... )