Robert And Carrillon II - HHH  LbNA # 16407

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateJun 15 2005
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By hugsarehealthy
Last Found Sep 26 2013
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Robert and Carillon II
Hitchhiker Hostel
June 2005
(Revised September 2008)

The carillon at Stone Mountain Park is a beautiful place for an interesting hour or so in the woods around the water. You will be able to add at least 5 stamps to your Stone Mountain collection with the Robert and Carillon series.
The carillon was part of the New York World Fair in 1964-65. Coca Cola Corporation presented it to the State of Georgia in 1965. If you time your walk just right you will be able to hear a free 30-minute concert as you search. The schedule is Mon. through Sat. – 12:00 and 4:00 PM and Sunday 1:00 – 3:00 – 5:00 PM (taped concerts on Mon. and Tue.) The carillonneur is Mabel Sharp. On the way to the carillon, you should go by and watch her play. She will probably have her dog lying beside her and have on an interesting hat.
Just after you pass the Stone Mountain Inn, turn left on the road beside the Inn. Turn right at the carillon sign. This area has good handicap access and is jog-stroller friendly.
Robert and Carillon were the first boxes we planted. Carillon went missing in March 2005 and we were all very sad. However, life happens and when it does we try to make something good come out of it. Carillon has been recreated and has a new home in a secluded and beautiful woods location. She is also the hostess for a hitchhiker hostel (HHH).
Stone Mountain Park has more than 6,000,000 visitors each year from around the world. The purpose of the hostel is to attract letterboxers from many locations to promote interstate travel for hitchhikers. Also, the HHH is to give people who previously visited Carillon a reason to come back so we can get their stamp in the new logbook. We want to see how many different states will be represented. We hope this will facilitate interstate travel for the HHs.

HHH Information:
• You should find the Carillon II stamp, her log book and 3 guest Hitchhikers in the hostel. The initial guests are Santa Claus, The Golden Snitch, and Leave Me. Please put your stamp and state in the Carillon’s logbook. You may stamp the HHs in your logbook and be sure to place your stamp in each of the HH’s logbooks. If you make return visits to the hostel to get other HH stamps just note the return dates on your original stamp page in Carillon’s logbook.
• If you have a hitchhiker to trade you may make a one-for-one exchange. Stamp your hitchhiker in Carillon’s logbook to register it as a guest in the hostel. Select one of the other guests to travel with you. You will also want to report picking up the HH to the owner when you get home.
• When you leave please be sure Carillon’s log book is back in her plastic bag, Carillon and at least three HH are in the box , the box is sealed tight and hidden better than when you found it.
• Finally, the large flat rock you stood on is a convenient for stamping in. Please be mindful of people, particularly fisherman by the lake, who may be watching. Be discrete as you remove and re-hide the box.

Clues: Robert and Carillon II

On the way down the paved path, you will notice a beautiful maple octopus on the left side of the path near a handicap sign. From the lakeside of the octopus, site a line at 70 degrees. Walk this line until you spy a large lake-view rock. Standing on top of that rock with your back to the lake, spy an old fallen tree to your right. Go to the stump of this tree. With the tree on your left, walk on a line parallel to the tree for 10 or 12 steps until you come to a skinny Christmas tree struggling to reach the sunlight. From this Christmas tree you can see a tall poplar tree with a granite welcome mat. There you will find Carillon II and the HHH. Stamp – Stamp – Stamp – Stamp! Again, please be mindful of the people around you, particularly the fishermen down by the lake. Be discrete and rehide the box better than you found it. Thanks.
If you are not too tired from stamping, return to and continue down the paved path and be sure to stop at the amphitheater for the beautiful view of the lake and the carillon that inspired the stamp. The keyboard for the Carillon is here in a glass kiosk. It is interesting to see even if Mabel and her dog are not there. Go on down to the end of the path and be sure to read the plaque under the carillon.
As you head back up the path, you may see the Robert E. Lee or Scarlet O’Hara riverboat steaming along. Just past the end of the rock wall, bear to the left. Follow the fisherman’s footpath beside the lake through the woods. It actually goes around the lake to the marina. Pass the line of buoys that runs across the lake to the river boat dock. There are some good fishing spots on this path for the children of all ages to wet a hook. Sometimes there are ducks that love to be fed – you may want to bring along a little bread. Continue until you see a metal “fishin hitchin post” in the water. Look up the hill. Around those big boulders you will find a holy rock. From that rock, up the hill a few paces is a small cedar. About 10 feet to the left of the cedar is an oak. You know what to do. Be sure to look carefully at all the material in the box.

Please contact us at if you find any problem with the box or the directions. One last quick note, Stone Mountain Park requires an $8 (sometimes $10) fee to enter the park for a day if you do not have an annual pass. Go to the park web site for more information and directions.

Happy trails to you. Gardening Granny and Paw Paw

Small advertisement: Most of our boxes in the park can be found in clusters in areas that are marked on the park map.
1. Plantation: Gone with the Wind (1)
2. Song Bird Trail: Song Bird Series (6)
3. Nature Garden: The Owl and the Hare (2)
4. Walk up trail: Snidely and Friends (3) and Three Kings(1)
5. Carillon: Robert and Carillon II – HHH (3)
6. Top of the Mountain: Top of the Rock Series (3)
7. Stone Mountain Village Series
Hope this helped you get started at the rock.